Thursday, September 13, 2007

How I got 797 referrals and how you can too?

So you're wondering how to get more referrals for your Agloco account. You probably know that links pointing to your blog or website that promotes Agloco is good, but it seems that not many of you really know a anything about Search Engine Optimization.

With SEO you can achieve better rankings in search engines, as 80% of new traffic comes from search engines you surely will increase your referral count rapidly after getting a high position in Google.

What is Search Engine Optimization (also called SEO)?

SEO is a way of tweaking your website or doing something else that will increase your search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization is divided into onpage and offpage optimization. Onpage SEO is something you do on your website, for example use keywords. Offpage SEO is mostly about getting links to your site. That's what most of you are trying to do here. Link exchange, link exchange. I'm actually a little bit ired of this kind of proposals.

So if you want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization and get more referrals go to:
Search Engine Optimization

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What do you think?

I have been wondering for a while now. Is Agloco really a good business model. I mean first of all it is basically a Paid to Surf program. And there are tons of such programs. And non of them is earning anyone anything. Not even the owners. And for now, this holds true for Agloco too. It's over half a year and it hasn't made me anything. I don't think Agloco is a scam, but I'm not sure if it does what it promises.

I do really believe in this idea, but I don't have that much faith in the team that's behind Agloco. I mean how hard is it to get advertisers? I mean even if they took about 100 ads with super low cost per client a month. Even then they would make money, how much do you think they are earning with one ad a month? Hardly anything.

And this maximum hours a month system. Come on! People hold their Viewbar opened for five hours at the beginning of the month and that's it. Who will those ads be displayed for after that?
It's not like Agloco is paying a dollar for every surfed hour. It is all through percentage. Of course there has to be a limit. But 5 hours? I surf this much in one day. If there should be a limit then it should be per day. For example 3 hours per day. So that the Viewbar would be opened for the whole month not just at the beginning of it.

And the programmers? Jesus. My friend who is 16 said he could make a better Viewbar in a week. Not in several months. And he wasn't joking.

What do you think about those issues? Is the team competent enough? Is their strategy good? Will Agloco make any money, ever?