Monday, January 8, 2007

The AgLoco Viewbar

What is the Viewbar™?

The Viewbar™ is a small toolbar located on the bottom of the screen or browser window while you surf the Internet. The Viewbar™ software enables AGLOCO to collect the money you are earning while browsing the Internet.

Is the Viewbar safe?

The Viewbar™ keeps track of your online preferences and interests, and uses that information to deliver the most valuable message to you at the right time. Privacy is a core principle of AGLOCO™, the Viewbar™ communicates with our secure servers in an encrypted fashion to keep your information private.

Some people have asked: “Is the Viewbar™ some kind of ‘spyware’?”

The answer is simple: The Viewbar™ is the opposite of spyware.

Spyware breaks into your computer without your knowledge or permission, it steals your private information, and it’s nearly impossible to remove. Unlike spyware, trojan and other illegal and harmful programs, the Viewbar™ is completely permission based, it keeps your information private, and you can always turn it off with a single click.

How does the Viewbar look like?

The AGLOCO Viewbar™ is shown below:

Passive Income Online - Screenshot1

NOTE: The AGLOCO Viewbar™ is currently in limited beta testing and is not yet available for download. It is expected to come out in march.

What features does the Viewbar™ have?

Extra Passive Income Online

1.Search - which lets AGLOCO get you money from search engine companies
2.Contextual ads - which lets AGLOCO get you money from advertisers
3.Anti-fraud and other software utilities - which lets AGLOCO get you money from software companies

Will the Viewbar cover a big space on my browser?

Here is a screenshot of the Viewbar™ in the browser:

Passive Income - Screenshot2

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Agloco said...

Will there be chat, IM, phone, video conferencing on the toolbar?

Agloco said...

I hope the ads aren't to intrusive.