Monday, January 8, 2007

AllAdvantage - Predecessor of AGLOCO

Maybe some of you remember AllAdvantage. I unfortunately didn't know about it. The company operated nearly 2 years and in that time it raised nearly $200 million in venture capital (for that time this was much). Over $120 million were paid to members of AllAdvantage.

I found a check from AllAdvantage in Google(Click to enlarge):



NB! My comments are in italic.

AllAdvantage was an Internet advertising company that positioned itself as the world’s first "infomediary" by paying its users/members a portion of the advertising revenue generated by their online viewing habits. It became most well known for its slogan "Get Paid to Surf the Web".

Unfortunately many sites have taken the slogan over. Most of those sites scam their users, paying them nothing, wasting their time and spamming their emails. AllAdvantage and AGLOCO both had/have an antispam policy.

AllAdvantage was launched on in March 1999 by Jim Jorgensen, Johannes Pohle, Carl Anderson, and Oliver Brock. During its nearly 2 years of operation, it raised nearly $200 Million in venture capital and grew to more than 10 million members in its first 18 months of operation.

If it had launched today the numbers would be bigger, especially those with $ signs, because the number of internet users has risen and targeted advertising costs much more now.

The company's practice of compensating existing members for referring new members led it to become nearly the most heavily promoted websites of its time. That popularity was reflected in the ranking of among the top 20 of many website traffic indices during most of the company's existence.

No other "payd to surf" site has ever had so many users and been so popular. Which is why they can't sell allmoust any advertisement. AGLOCO is different.

The company also appointed the world's first corporate Chief Privacy Officer, creating the role as a senior level executive responsible for protecting the privacy and security of user data and managing a variety of risks and threats to the integrity of the service.

This shows that AGLOCO viewbar is not only safe, but that it's made by people who introduced words "safety" and "privacy" to the world of internet.

AllAdvantage ultimately fell victim to the sharp decline in advertising spending as the dot-com bubble burst and the U.S. economy entered a recessionary period in mid-2000. But even though the company closed, it had paid out over $120 million to its members.

I have no doubts AGLOCO will pay out over a billion. Why? Selling a site for a billion in those days was impossible. Not long ago Youtube was sold for $1.65 billion and it isn't even used commercially.
Did I mention that you will get AGLOCO stocks if you join? Some predictions are that those stocks will be worth about $150, if you get any referrals then even more.


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Agloco Review: Make Money Online said...

I agree with you. I never heard of AllAdvantage the first time around either. I don't know how I missed it, but I'm glad to have found AGLOCO this time.

Agloco said...

I believe Agloco will surpass AllAdvantage by a mile.

Agloco said...

The question is, when is that darn toolbar coming?

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