Thursday, April 5, 2007

Passive Income now - Viewbar: finally out!

Finally, thank god(or AGLOCO programmers) The Viewbar is out! Well... not exactly out. Like promised it is out for the first members, then to the next ones, then the next ones and so on. As I understood users with ID's BBBB to BBBF will be the first ones to get it. 
Instructions on downloading the Viewbar will be sent to members via e-mail.
It seems that members will be reviewed in some kind of way. Pretty much work considering that the number of members from BBBB to BBBF is about 50,000. But, maybe I didn't understand it correctly. If you do then please comment and let me know.

Check out the promised features on The Viewbar. On release it might be more minimalistic, but we'll see.


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