Monday, June 4, 2007

Agloco Viewbar ready for download

No really. This time it's true. The Viewbar is ready for download. It's up for download for everybody, not only the first members. Just log in into your account and under the stats you will see a link. The file is 2.2 megabytes in size and installs pretty quickly.

But I don't see any ads on it though. Maybe no ads are targeted for my country. Who knows. As you can see the white space on the left where the ads should be is empty. I cut it out so it would fit in this blog post.
Agloco Viewbar

Hopefully it'll work soon.


Don Dino said...
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Don Dino said...

I dont know about country targeted, but some got jewelry ads displayed which is actually test Ad.

No real ads yet i guess
p.s. double post

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Coralie said...

Great work.

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